Reverend Claire Longtin North, MSS, MFA

Funeral Ceremonies

There are times when a person dies and doesn’t belong to a church, and isn’t religious.  I get called to these situations, and these are times when I don’t know anything about the person’s life. I will meet with the family at least once, and many times more than once, before the service to make it about the person’s life; every life is a story, and it has a beginning, middle and end.  It is customary in Vermont to have a time of sharing at funerals, where family and friends can share memories and stories. This is what truly creates the funeral service. Working with our local funeral homes has been a stellar cooperative experience for me over the years. They do their best to guide, support, and be present to manage all the variables.

If the funeral has been pre-planned and pre-paid through a local funeral home, there is a nominal honorarium included for clergy.   

The Heart of Your Ceremony
Leads to Your Future

In recent years, people have approached me to pre-plan their funeral service, and it is such a great thing!  These are people who may have already planned their funeral with the local funeral home, buying their casket or cremation, arranging their calling hours, choosing their cemetery plot.

None of us know the day or the hour – but we can make ceremonial choices for the inevitable, because if you’re human on this Earth, you will ultimately die to leave This World for the Next. You will have family and friends mourning your loss, and they will need a ceremonial structure to do this: you want them to be able to create the best memory and blessing to draw on after your funeral is over and they are moving through their grief. The people that I’ve worked with to plan their services did such beautiful work, deep and profound, and years later I still have people drawing upon the memories of the service as if it was yesterday, it’s still all so vital and clear. People have come to me when they’re terminally ill, and know their time is limited.

People have come to me when they’ve been the picture of health. The outcome is a service that nurtures and nourishes their beloveds left here, they’ve created and left their best blessing to help them move forward. 

Initial Consultation $225 (2hrs)

$125 for each addition hour after that.