Reverend Claire Longtin North, MSS, MFA

Counseling & Classes

Rubenfeld Synergy is a weaving of Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and Gestalt.  It was created by Ilana Rubenfeld, and my counseling skills are grounded in this body/mind/emotions/spirit model.  I do not work with a table any more, but the observational, listening, and intuitive skills I developed from experiencing the body techniques and energetic touch remain effective and dynamic.  The Gestalt verbal engagement, listening, and vision is its own art, and it changes and grows with every encounter. And of course, my life experiences continue to be my greatest teachers!

The Heart of Your Ceremony
Leads to Your Future

I have been a student of Tarot since I was 19 and bought my first Tarot deck as a college student.  I had always been drawn to the mystical, and to symbols, and in those times, there were no classes, and if there were any mentors, I didn’t know about them or where they could be found.  I pursued Tarot studies as I could, and deepened my knowledge and connection with the symbols as I studied and meditated on them as part of Fourth Year Spiritual Science, when we were taught the Cosmic Journey of the Major Acana in conjunction with the Kabbalah. 

I’ve been fortunate in the past 35 years to have been able to study with the foremost interpreters of Tarot, Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer. Tarot has evolved from being thought of as being fortune-telling and a predictive game to being seen as a psychological and soul mirror; I took a workshop with Mary K. Greer recently which elaborated on Jung and his work with the Tarot archetypes.  I also offer readings as a form of counseling, and find that the intuitive connections with the symbols serve to open people’s minds and hearts to the answers we all hold within, and which emerge in radiant synchronicity through the stories the cards tell.

Readings $175 (1.5 hrs)

I usually do some work beforehand, so your Life, Personality, and Year Cards are calculated.